3 Ways To Instantly Improving Your Home Cooking Game

3 Ways To Instantly Improving Your Home Cooking Game

Every nutritionist knows that the components and nutrients in our food are never disembodied from the desire to cook at home and the willingness to try new things in the kitchen. As such, they tend to provide advice that will be sustainable to follow, rather than simply telling you to eat a boring diet and to throw a bunch of supplements in to hit your vitamin needs, which will be an unhealthy approach.

That said, it can be hard to figure out the right meals to cook when trying to hit our macros and micronutrients. This is especially true if we’re following a specific diet for health reasons. In this post, however, we think it could be helpful to instantly discuss measures to improve your home cooking game. The more you can fall in love with cooking, learn specific kitchen skills and invest in your home cookware, the more inspired you’ll be to keep your healthy approach over the years.

So, let’s consider how you might consider that approach and the degree to which it aids you:

Perfect Garnishes & Presentation

Anthony Bourdain, in his famous book ‘Kitchen Confidential, said that if you can get garnishes and embellishments right, you automatically become so much better at presentation. For instance, crafting a little sauce and then carefully pouring it over your food or placing it in a single line, adding some pea shoots or herbs to the main protein of the meal, and making sure distinctive items are placed in proportion to one another, and at the appropriate sizes, you automatically make anything you eat so much prettier and appetizing to look at. This kind of celebratory addition helps you add some more love to your cooking. Strangely, fun additions like this always improve your eating experience.

Make Certain Ingredients From Scratch

You’re in luck if you learn to make a singular ingredient from scratch using its constituent elements. For example, a fresh pasta recipe can allow you to make the most of rolling out your pasta sheets or noodles, allowing this beautifully, utterly fresh creation to soak up all of the sauce and proteins of your main accompaniment. It’s hard not to look at your attempts, even if you have to try this a few times, with complete and utter pride. You’ll also be within your rights to feel that sense of achievement.

Try Different Cookware

Collecting different cookware over time is always good because using different pots, pans, and material types will help you understand how to cook in different conditions and which tool is best for which job. It’s a point of pride for a home cook to purchase their first dutch oven for stews and chilis. From there, you might use stainless steel cookware to heat the pan before applying oil to avoid sticking to cook well without the chance of non-stick toxins getting into your food. In the long run, various tools, even a pasta sheet maker, can help you feel more ownership and versatility in your kitchen.

With this advice, you’re sure to improve your home cooking game instantly – and most importantly, have fun when learning more recipes.

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